Hypernatural Sounds is a series curated by Pedro Lopes and Desiree Förster. This series brings together musicians and theorists for sharing with the audience the philosophy behind sound art and music.

Desiree Förster is a Berlin based curator and researcher collaborates within various disciplines such as (synthetic) biology, computer science, philosophy and humanities, and is interested in creating space for assemblies that cross assumed and naturalized relations. While organizing workshops, talks and concerts, she is writing her Ph.D. and works at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin. She gave presentations about her research on interspecies relationships, human-machine entanglements and new artistic practices at conferences such as the Annual Meeting of the Social Studies of Science Copenhagen 2012 and Denver 2015, gave workshops on Foucault’s “heteropia” at the Utopia School Copenhagen 2015 and is strongly engaged with the local artist and project space scene Berlin.

Pedro Lopes is a turntablist metamorphosed into a percussionist by night and a Human Computer Interaction researcher by day. When playing live he deconstructs his instrument, the turntables, into a vehicle of a rapid, post-scratch and post-jazz, musical dialog of analog intonation and acoustic overtones. In Pedro’s music the needles do not merely amplify the vibrations stored in the grooves of the vinyl records. For him, the needles are microscopes that enable us to hear otherwise unheard micro-realities, such as the sound of a fingernail scratching a membrane, a coin revolving as it falls, a brush dragged across a plastic surface.
Pedro has been collaborating with artists such as Reinhold Friedl, DJ Sniff, Imre Thormann, amongst many others, in a life entangled deeply with his research on interfaces and performance arts. This extra-musical investigations have led him to produce pieces for Transmediale, a Fundação de Serralves, Fylkingen, Ausland, and Goethe Institut.